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Conditions of Sales

Our terms of sales



The seller is defined below as CKARLYSBEAUTY.COM the buyer is defined below as the company or person signing and accepting these terms and conditions of sale. The general conditions of sale apply exclusively to all sales concluded by CKARLYS.FR both for its own behalf and on behalf of its constituents. All other conditions engage the seller only after its written confirmation. The information given in catalogues, price lists, websites, notes, etc... are only indicative and may, as such, be altered by the seller without notice. The only fact of placing an order or accepting an offer from the seller involves the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. The offers are valid in the limit of the option period set at one week from the date of the offer unless stipulated otherwise brought on this offer. These terms and conditions may be modified at any time and without notice by CKARLYSBEAUTY.COM, the modifications being then applicable to all subsequent orders.


Article 2 - ORDERS


In the framework of the orders made on the Internet site and on any other Internet site CKARLYSBEAUTY.COM the orders are effective from the date of receipt of payment for cheques and as from the date of debit from the account of the buyer for the blue cards, except in the case of payment by cash on delivery : only in this case, the order confirmation on the site takes the place of a final order (the buyer undertakes to pay the carrier the exact amount indicated on the invoice); except in the case where it has been placed after 15h and, therefore, where the order is not effective until the day after. Once the order is placed and payment is completed on the Internet by credit card, the buyer has one hour to cancel the order. If the cancellation occurs after this deadline, the seller agrees to reimburse buyer under a month - see article L 121.20.1 of the Code of the Consumption. The orders sent directly by the purchaser or which are transmitted by the representative agents of the seller are not binding for the seller when they have been accepted in writing. When immediate shipment of products, the confirmation of the order by the seller may be replaced by an invoice. All changes to orders, and all conditions accessories or derogatory about the purpose and the terms and conditions of sale are only valid insofar as they are contained in the offer or the confirmation made by the seller. Any offer of sale is subject to stocks available. Any clause from the buyer, not accepted in writing by the seller which would be in conflict with these terms and conditions or features defined in the price offer will be considered void. No unilateral cancellation of order will not be accepted without the agreement of CKARLYSBEAUTY.COM


Article 3 - PRICE


The seller price list is not a sale. It can be changed unilaterally without prior notice. Goods are invoiced at the agreed price within the limit of the option period and the general economic conditions (taxes, exchange rate, etc.) at the time of delivery. In the case of products indexed on a currency: any variation of 2% of the court of the currency against the euro defined on the day of the offer will be passed on the day of the billing. All prices are net in euros, exclusive of taxes or taxes, depending on the profile of the customer account, excluding packaging, transport and freight insurance, ex warehouse of the seller. The seller reserves the right to cancel a sale within 5 days and refund the buyer in the case of a manifest error in the pricing of a product. The refund is then made by check sent as soon as possible to the payer's home or by any other means to the benefit of the customer, and it is notified as soon as possible by mail.



- The promotional codes or discount expressed as a percentage or amount to give the client the opportunity to get a discount on all or part of his order.

- Vouchers  are not cumulative.

- The validity of these codes is limited in time, so if a code expires it will no longer be used.

- All items in the catalog are not eligible for these codes.

- During the sales of the discounted products are not eligible for promotional codes / discount.

- CKARLYSBEAUTY.COM is free to put an end to the various codes at its discretion and at any time.

- If the customer forgets to use a code when ordering, it will not be possible to deduce in hindsight.


- These codes can be obtained on differences in forms and conditions :

- Through the partners and affiliates of the site

- In the form of a Purchase order sent to the customer within the framework of the loyalty program.

- As a result of the Games / Contest

- Codes given and granted on the site one way or another.


Article 5 - DELIVERY


Regardless of the mode of delivery, it shall be carried out in the warehouse of the seller. The risk of the transport (loss, damage or theft) are insured with the shipping costs ( with insurance included . The delivery is carried out either by direct delivery to the buyer, or by notice of availability, or by delivery of the goods to a carrier. The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries. Any part-delivery accepted by the buyer is subject to billing upon delivery. By express agreement, an event of force majeure or events such as lockout, strike, work stoppage or partial in the factory of the seller or its suppliers, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flood, interruption or delay in transportation, legal or administrative measures preventing, restricting, delaying or prohibiting the manufacture or import of the goods, the seller shall be released of all responsibilities to the delivery. The seller will keep the buyer informed in a timely manner, cases and events listed above. In all cases, delivery on time can intervene only if the buyer is in breach of its obligations to the seller regardless of the cause.


The packages are usually shipped within 24/48h after reception of your payment. Our shipping partners are POST, CHRONOPOST, UPS, DHL, THE SHUTTLE pick-up TRUCK ( operated by Dhl ). Regardless of the chosen mode of expedition, we will provide you as soon as possible a tracking number which will allow you to track online delivery of your package.

We ship in France, Europe, overseas, Africa, International ( depending on country )

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and postal fees. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part based on price or weight of your order. We advise you to group your purchases in a unique order. We can not group two distinct orders and you will have to fulfil expenses of harbour for each of them. Your parcel is shipped at your own risks, a particular care is brought to the parcel containing fragile products..




You have the choice between a delivery With or Without signature.

# Delivery Without Signature : Time 48 hours ( After the Shipment of your order )

Your shipment will be delivered by Colissimo without signature to the address indicated. The delivery status of Colissimo is faith. Therefore, in case of dispute delivery do not trust information of Colissimo. If the package is marked "Delivered" and confirmed by Colissimo / La Poste, no refund will be done one way or another.

# Delivery With Signature : Time 48 hours ( After the Shipment of your order )

Your shipment will be delivered by Colissimo with signature to the address indicated. The delivery will be done by hand. This mode of delivery avoids any dispute as you receive your package.


5.1.2 UPS FRANCE or DHL EXPRESS (J+1 : Express Delivery

# Delivery With Signature : Time 24 hours ( After the Shipment of your order )

Your shipment will be delivered by UPS or DHL with signature to the address indicated. The delivery will be done by hand 24 hours after the shipment of the order.



# Delivery With Signature : Time 5 to 7 Days ( After the Shipment of your order )

Your shipment will be delivered by Colissimo International with signature to the address indicated. The delivery will be done by hand. This mode of delivery avoids any dispute as you receive your package.

All deliveries DOM/TOM must be signed for




5.2.1 FRANCE :

# Delivery With Signature : Time 48 hours ( After the Shipment of your order )

Your shipment will be delivered by the carrier partner to the point that you have chosen yourself within its network with delivery against signature. The delivery will be done by hand. This mode of delivery avoids any dispute as you receive your package.

It is also a way to practice when you can't be delivered to your home for different reasons.




  • Can I refuse my order ?

    You can refuse a delivery. In this case it will refund as soon as we received it in return. Attention the cost of insurance and shipping will not be refunded in case of refusal. The cost of returning the package to the sender will be charged to you as invoiced by the carrier.


  •  I have not taken the time to go retrieve my parcel to the Relay Point in time, what does that mean ?

The point to keep the parcel in 5-day average, and according to their storage capacity. If you do not collect your parcel in time, it will be returned to the sender, which will mean charges for you.

- If upon receipt you must return the package, it will be necessary to adjust the port fees even if you had been shipping 'Offered' in your order initially.

- The return to sender give it to logistic costs at your expense and deducted from the amount of your order.

- In case of refund, shipping costs and shipping will not be refunded.

- If you had received at the command port charges "Available" we will be in right to claim the amount offered based on the fee schedule public carrier.


  • What is the withdrawal period ?

    You have 30 days to return an item that would not satisfy you. It must be return to us in its original packaging and in new condition. Customer must pay the return charges. Any box open or any product used will be refused.


  • What should I do if I receive the package?

    When you receive the parcel from the carrier, check the good condition of it and the bands guarantees. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to control the content of the package in front of the driver, or refuse it. Send us immediately an e-mail to notify us of the refusal and the reasons for it and create a ticket support right from the website via the link below by selecting the object that corresponds to your case :


  • What do I do when I get error, a product not ordered or other product in place of the one I ordered ?

- Contact the customer service by mail or by phone to report the problem.

create a ticket support right from the website via the link below by selecting the object that corresponds to your case :

- If you have received a product that is not ordered, a kit return will be sent to you to return the product received in error.

- If you receive a different reference in place of the one ordered, in a kit return will be sent to you to return the product. At the reception your product will be shipped. If customer service sends you to advance your product for regularisation, you must make a commitment to return to us within 48/72h reference received in error. After this time we reserve the right to charge you for the product not returned.


  • What to do in case of complaints on the content?

    All our shipments are well controlled prior to their departure. Very strict measures that allow us to be sure of the contents of the package, and to be able to control the very rare mistakes when they happen. If therefore, there has been error it is sufficient to send an e-mail for us to do suite and find a fast and effective solution.


  • What to do in case of an incident of delivery ? Delivery time the contract exceeded 72 hours !

In the event delivery within the network of the carrier, we must wait for a period of 10 Days for France and 15 Days for overseas, 20 Days for international before assuming that the package was lost. After this time, the common agreement or the order is cancelled and you are refunded or we will ship again the products ordered initially subject to stock.


Create a ticket support right from the website via the link below by selecting the object that corresponds to your case





Transport risks are borne by the seller, under the condition that the buyer has checked the goods on arrival and has exercised, if appropriate, its claim against the carrier within 48 hours, even in the case of shipment carriage paid. Unless otherwise agreed, the seller chooses freely the carrier. In the case of a loss of packages during transport times may vary investigation carriers and take one to three weeks.




Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must immediately check their condition and their compliance with the contract. In the case where the package is too damaged, the buyer must refuse it. The labels pasted on all the documents are necessary for the warranty. The packaging must be kept in perfect condition. In the opposite case, the buyer cannot benefit from its right to claim and shall pay the sum of € 35 to cover the cost of packaging the parts including the original packaging would have disappeared or would have been too damaged. This is also the case when the buyer does not make any reservation upon the delivery of the goods. All claims relating to defective goods delivered to an inaccuracy in the quantities or their erroneous reference in relation to the accepted offer or the confirmation of the order by the seller, must be made in writing by registered mail within 48 hours of receipt of the goods, without neglecting the remedies against the carrier otherwise the right to claim will cease to be acquired. The buyer must enable the seller to perform all of the checking operations on site relating to the claims. Any return of goods requires the prior agreement of the seller and a return number, by calling 06 33 57 58 93 or by e-mail The buyer will receive by means deemed most appropriate by the seller for a return agreement. It should be at this occasion that the buyer gives its exact coordinates and to provide the designation of the element or elements concerned, their serial number, the failure is recorded and the invoice number corresponding to the parts described. The buyer has after obtaining the agreement of return within 7 days to make the return of defective goods to the seller. For defective parts, the buyer can get the standard exchange of his goods during the first month following the purchase - in the case of products that are non-specific and subject to stock availability. The buyer then sent the seller of the item or items seem to be defective, without other accessories (cable, software schedule...). The return of goods is at the expense of the seller within a period of 3 months after the date of the order. This return is paid on the base fare of a return by package pre-franked Coliposte la Poste, by purchase, valid for 3 months from its date of issuance. Then, the return costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This is only valid in the framework of the guarantee : any other return of material (part(s) inconsistent(s) with other devices, withdrawal of 14 days, for example) does not give the right to a good purchase. When returned, the buyer will indicate " SAV ", the number of return communicated by the seller, directly on the package and it will also provide a copy of the invoice. Otherwise, the returned package will be refused. Failing agreement, any returned merchandise will be held at the disposal of the buyer at its own expense, risks and perils, all costs of transportation, storage, handling is the responsibility of the buyer. Applicable as of November 12, 2003.



In the conditions planned by the article L121-16 of the code of consumption and within the framework of the remote sale, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from the delivery of his order which will be refunded against restitution of delivered products. According to the article L121-20-2, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised, unless the parties agreed otherwise, for contracts for the supply of audio or computer software when they have been unsealed by the consumer and the consumable. The buyer must return the goods in their original condition and packaging. Any return of goods requires a return authorization number, by calling The return of goods is at the expense, risk and peril of the buyer.

Article 9 - WARRANTY

All products are warranted by their respective manufacturer.

Article 10 - retention OF OWNERSHIP

In application of the law of 12 may 1980, the transfer of ownership of the goods delivered to the purchaser will only take place after full payment of the price in principal and accessory, or collection of accepted bills or other securities issued for the purposes of payment of the price. During the period between delivery and the transfer of ownership, risks of loss, theft or destruction are the responsibility of the buyer. The non-performance by the buyer of its payment obligations, for any reason whatsoever, gives the seller the right to require the immediate restitution of delivered goods at the expense and risk of the buyer. The buyer undertakes, for the case of a procedure of receivership affecting his company, to participate actively in the establishment of an inventory of goods in inventory which the seller claims ownership. Failing this, the seller has the faculty to make notice the inventory by bailiff at the expense of the buyer. The seller may prohibit the purchaser to proceed with the resale, processing or incorporation of goods in case of delay of payment. To ensure payments not yet made and in particular the balance of the account of the purchaser in the scriptures of the seller, it is expressly stipulated that rights to goods delivered but unpaid are referred on identical goods from the seller in stock buyer, without the need to impute payments on a sale or delivery determined.

Article 11 - termination CLAUSE

In the case of non-compliance with any of the obligations of the buyer by the latter, the sale will be terminated automatically and the goods will be returned to seller if it sees fit, without prejudice to any damages that the seller could assert against the buyer, within 48 hours after a formal notice remains without effect. In this case, the seller is entitled to claim from the buyer a lump-sum indemnity of 10% of the sale amount.

Article 12 - PAYMENT

Payments must be made in such a way that the seller can dispose of the sums when ordering or on the due date. Payments must be made by transfer to the order - credit card in one go - Credit card in several times if the split payment offer is in effect. In the event of installment payment, the partner organization which operates this method of payment is the preferred contact with the customer for all questions relating to the regulations and in the event of disputes relating to the regulations. For all payments made on the website, the seller reserves the right to accept the sale to ask the buyer to prove his identity and his place of residence.


Occasionally, for any new order, we will give you a gift from € 45.00 purchase.

The gift cannot be returned or exchanged. Offer starts February 03, 2022 and can be changed or stopped at any time.

Available only for products in stock. The products are offered as is, no claim of any kind can be made about the products offered. It is up to customers to use or not the products offered according to their convenience.


All different relating to the formation, execution and cessation of contractual obligations between the parties can not lead to an amicable settlement, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court in whose jurisdiction the registered office of the seller, regardless of the terms and conditions of sale and the mode of payment accepted, even in case of appeal in guarantee or of plurality of defendants, the seller reserves the right to apply to the Court having territorial jurisdiction within whose jurisdiction the seat of the buyer. This contract is governed by French law. The application of the Vienna Convention on the international allocation of goods is expressly excluded.


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